Marketing Research

All you need to know everything about the Market

Research Necessity:

  • Fierce competition and the competitors who possibly have more information than you
  • Wide range of consumers’ attitude and which affects your potential market size
  • Fragile customers’ loyalty which possibly make them to switch their brands
  • High costs of advertisement and other means of communications methods to reach consumers
  • Other reasons such as emersion of the new media and life style change

Research Methodologies

  • FTF Interview
  • Telephone Interview (TI) & (CATI)
  • Online interview (web survey/mail survey)
  • Group interview (Gang Survey)
  • Central Location Test (C.L.T.)
  • Postal interview
  • Panel Survey
  • Consumer Diary
  • Retail Audit
  • Other (Retail Census, CAPI, …)
  • Focus Groups Discussion (FGD)
  • In-depth interviews (IDI)
  • Structured observation
  • Brain Storming
  • Mystery shopping
  • Home Visit
  • Market Size, Market Share, Market Segmentation
  • U & A (Usage and Attitude) research
  • Concept Test
  • Product Test
  • Retailer’s surveys
  • Price Study
  • Product Testing (Quality, Packaging, Color, Taste, …)
  • B2B & B2C Research
  • Brand Image study
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Test at Home
  • Pre Test Advertising
  • Social survey
  • Media Research & Media Monitoring
  • Advertising Effectiveness Analysis